PHRF BC Notice of Appeals

2018 Fall Appeals Notice of Meeting 

The 2018 PHRF BC Spring Appeals Meeting will be held on Tuesday Oct 16, 2018, at 1930hrs at West Vancouver Yacht Club . All PHRF BC certificate holders who wish to appeal the rating of their yachts or their competitor’s yachts are invited to make a written application on or before 1200hrs Friday Oct 12, 2018.

Appeal forms can be found on the BC Sailing website. A completed Appeal Form with all supporting documentation as outlined on the form must be received at the BC Sailing offices by mail, email or fax no later than 1200 hrs, Friday, Oct 12/18. Late applications will be held for consideration at the 2019 Spring Appeals session.

Please limit the reason and explanation for the appeal to 2 pages .

Appeals received without a complete set of race results will not be accepted. Complete results means all races – no cherry-picking. Please DO NOT include the entire regatta’s results – your division is sufficient.

An appellant or their representative will be required to present their appeal to the Handicappers Committee. If an appellant or representative cannot attend the hearing please notify the BC Sailing office no later than Oct 12/18. Appeals for hearing will be posted on the BC Sailing website (as above) as early as possible. This will be the only notice given that an appeal has been received for hearing. Please contact BC Sailing if your appeal does not appear on the website by Friday, Oct 12/18.

All competitors are welcome to attend the Appeals Meeting and comment on any Appeal applications. Documentation in support of comments is recommended.