Annual Planning Conference Schedule

Will you be joining us at the 2018 Annual Planning Conference, December 8 at the Jericho Sailing Centre?

Full conference schedule:

BC Sailing Welcome & State of the Union:

Meet Rick Nickelchok, new Executive Director as well as Tanya Chamberlain/Richard Mundell new Board members. During this session, BC Sailing staff will share the latest and greatest of BC Sailing in 2018, Sail Canada and the BC sport system. Included will be the BC Government’s evaluation of BC Sailing’s progression over the past three years. Participants will also be introduced to and provided an opportunity to share their thoughts on new (2019) initiatives / current BC Sailing programs as well as identify/discuss issues that are impacting member clubs.

Afternoon Sessions:

CANSail Program: (1.5-hour session)

Lead by Steve McBride, BC Sailing Athlete Development Committee member and a member of the Sail Canada Training and Certification Advisory Committee this interactive session will cover the proposed changes to CANSail from Sail Canada, including prospective changes to prerequisites for the Responsible Coaching Movement (more information below), the tentative 2019 instructor clinic dates and the following topics:

  • Certification Pathway Changes
  • CANSail Certification and Recertification Process
  • Background Security Checks (Criminal Record Check)
  • ResponsibleCoaching Movement
  • Respect in Sport/Commit to Kids
  • Staffing Issues faced by clubs
  • Upcoming Clinic Schedules:
    • Program manager, Community Coach, Fall Instructor Coaching
  • Concussion Protocols
  • Rowans Law implications
  • Return to Play & pre season screening / registration

Kevin Black BC Sailing Provincial Coach, will be providing an introduction to “Responsible Coaching Movement” program which is sweeping the nation. BC Sailing was an early adopter of the Responsible Coaching Movement and a participant of the viaSport Safe Sport Working Group.

It is important that BC Sailing and our member clubs are doing the absolute best we can to make sure children and youth are kept safe, and that this sport is welcoming and inclusive of all people.  This is important work being done in the sport sector right now, and we are proud that BC Sailing is a leader in moving these initiatives forward.

Target Audience – CANSail Instructors/Coaches & Sailing Directors.

Officials Program: (3-hour session)

Mike Turner, Chair of BC Sailing Judging Committee and member of Sail Canada’s Judges Sub-Committee will lead discussions addressing emerging issues and support member clubs officiating needs. Specifically, they will be discussing the following topics and their impact on member club competitions and Officials’ development:

  • Rule 2 vs rule 69 – the differences between the rules and how they apply to competitors and support persons
  • World Sailing:
  • Question and Answers
  • Cases and recent US Sailing appeals
  • On-course coaching (discussion)
  • Upcoming events and development opportunities for BC officials

Target Audience – Certified Race Officers, Judges & Potential Race Officers & Judges.

Learn to Cruise program: (1.5-hour session)

John Gourlay, Chair of BC Sailing Cruising Committee and member of the Sail Canada Training and Certification Advisory Committee will be presenting the latest information about the program and lead discussions about where Sail Canada and BC Sailing should be going. Topics will include:

  • Proof of Competency
  • Sail Canada Cruising & Powerboat Training Materials
  • Catamaran Standard
  • Looking Ahead
  • Concussion protocol
  • Vulnerable Sector Checks
  • Adventure Sailing Checklist
  • Discussion – Instructor Evaluator/Instructor Recertification
  • Discussion – Where do we want the system to be in 5 years?
  • Discussion – What can BC Sailing do for you?

 Target Audience – Sailing directors, Head Coaches, Regatta Chairs & Racing Sailors.

BC Circuit Discussion: (1.5-hour session)

How did the BC Circuit go this year? BC Sailing would like to hear your thoughts! A facilitated discussion will explore your impressions on what went well, what didn’t go well and what needs improving! Share your thoughts and recommendations that will lead to the development of a quality racing circuit for the athletes and forge a strong and collaborative partnership between host clubs and BC Sailing.

Target Audience – Event Organizers, Coaches and Sailing Directors from BC Circuit host clubs.

We thank the Jericho Sailing Centre for their sponsorship in hosting this event and look forward to benefiting from representation from a wide variety of stakeholders during these discussions and the opportunity to engage the BC Sailing community leaders at our annual event!