Community Instructor Course Details

This year, we are running a community instructor course, June 1-2 at West Van YC.

Community instructors are “instructors in training” or trained instructors at a basic level to run programs at multi-sport camps or more remote areas where full CANSail programs might not be available.  There are 3 levels of community instructor:

  1. Instructor in Training – those who are too young for to be CANSail 1 & 2 instructors
  2. Multi-Sport Counsellor – working at a multi-sport camp
  3. Community Instructor – volunteer or parent

Who can become a community instructor?

Anyone who meets the requirements can be a CANSail instructor!  All CANSail instructors must the following prerequisite courses:

  • Standard First Aid from a nationally recognized first aid provider (eg. Red Cross or St John Ambulance).  Sail Canada does not accept online-only courses.
  • Pleasure Craft Operator Card
  • Enhanced Police Information Check (EPIC) for instructors ages 18 and older
  • NCCP Making Ethical Decisions Module (part of the Fundamental Course if you choose to take that)
  • Signed Instructor Code of Conduct
  • Boat Safety (not required for instructor in training) – this is offered as a part of the 2019 Community Instructor course!

What are the requirements to become a Community Instructor?

Do I need to complete an evaluation to be Certified?

No, there is no Certified status for community instructors.  Your level will expire after 3 years, and you will need to retake the course to recertify.

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