BC Sailing Board Updates-September 26th, 2019

September 26, 2019 Board Meeting

With the goal of improving communications within the BC Sailing community and keeping Member Clubs, Schools and Associations, as well as individual sailing enthusiasts up to date with the activities of the Board, please find below Board Report which contains information about decisions and actions taken at the recent Board Meeting. It would be appreciated if you would share this report with your members.

The BC Sailing Board continued the strategic bylaw review which will be brought forward to the Membership at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to be held Saturday, November 23, 2019, at the Jericho Sailing Centre (in conjunction with the BC Sailing Summit (new name).

In addition to the 11 proposed changes shared in the September 10, 2019 Board update, the principles supporting the final three proposed bylaw changes are listed below (more detail to follow in EGM Notice):

  1. Voting by Presiding Officer: Permits the chair to vote at general meetings only if appointed Member Delegate or Proxyholder. Otherwise, the chair cannot vote;
  2. Maximum Terms of Directors: Recognizing the proposal for two (2) year director terms, a director may serve to a maximum of four (4) consecutive terms; and
  3. Composition of the Board: Recognizing the proposal for a Past President position (one year term), the Board shall consist of a minimum of five and a maximum of nine members


The Board Board approved a new (.75 FTE) Program and Communications Manager position. The position will be posted immediately.

Key Dates:

  • October 18, 2019: Sail Canada AGM – If you are not attending, remember to register your proxy with Sail Canada and assign proxy to BC Sailing (Rick Nickelchok) click here for proxy form and instructions
  • October 24, 2019: Board Meeting – Topics to include Committee Leadership, Composition, and Engagement and Fundraising/Branding.
  • November 4, 2019: VARC Meeting to explore collaborative opportunities to better service our shared “member groups.”
  • November 23, 2019: Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) / BC Sailing Summit (Jericho Sailing Centre)
  • November 28, 2019: Board Meeting

We welcome your comments (rick@bcsailing.bc.ca)!

With kind regards

Rick Nickelchok, Executive Director