COVID-19 Update December 3rd, 2020

Yesterday, December 3rd, 2020; the Province made an announcement and update to the Province-wide restrictions for sport. 

The Ministry of Health reminds us that the intention of the restrictions is to minimize the number of people we interact with and reduce travel in order to significantly reduce COVID-19 transmission. 

Travel and interactions are a key part of the sport experience. However, during this very critical time in this global pandemic, it is important that all travel and non-essential interaction, including those for sport, be put on pause.

The updates include:

  • All indoor and outdoor team sports for people 19 years of age and older are suspended. The website lists a number of sports as examples but it is important to understand that this is not a full list. All team sports for persons of the age of 19 must follow these restrictions.

Indoor and outdoor sport for people under 19 years of age can continue but must adhere to:

  • Participants must maintain a physical distance of three metres from one another;
  • Activities should be low risk of transmitting the virus (e.g. individual activities, group training that maintains physical distance)
  • Games, tournaments and competitions for teams are not allowed. Regattas are not allowed at this time. 

Still in effect:

  • Travel restrictions are in place for sport; individuals should continue to stay close to home. 
  • Athletes under the age of 19 may access their home club. 
  • Travel between clubs is restricted. 
  • No spectators are allowed at any sport activities. 

BC Sailing is monitoring the changing landscape of these restrictions and will provide a revised version of the Return to Sport Guidelines once we have received further information regarding this update.

For more information, please visit the Viasport Website.

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