PHRF is a general rating system that provides the basis for fair racing between dissimilar yachts. The system is competitor-driven and self-regulating with variations used throughout North America.
The PHRF BC system is run through the PHRF BC Handicappers Committee. BC Sailing provides the administrative support to enact decisions made by the Committee.
The Committee is comprised of yachting industry professionals and experienced PHRF racers appointed to the Committee through their yacht clubs’ fleet captains. The Handicappers Committee chair is chosen by the committee members. Technical and administrative support for the committee is provided by the chief handicapper who also works with BC Sailing to manage the PHRF rating system provincially.
Competitors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the current PHRF BC rules and then engage in continuing improvement by actively participating in refining the PHRF BC system and PHRF BC ratings in three ways:
  1. Competitors are responsible for keeping the fleet honest. This is done by protesting any competitor at a specific event for sailing with any measurements different than shown on their current PHRF BC certificate or racing with no PHRF BC certificate where that is required by the notice of race of a given event.

  2. Competitors are encouraged to appeal either their own rating or a competitor’s rating at the biannual appeals if they feel there is a case to be made for an adjustment. With detailed current race results and fleet support, an appeal will generally be granted.

  3. All current certificate holders are encouraged to come forward with ideas to improve the PHRF BC rules and their application. Ideas can be passed on to club handicappers or presentations can be made at the biannual handicappers meeting.

To apply for a PHRF BC rating see Obtaining, Changing, or Renewing a Rating Certificate.