Membership Benefits

What does BC Sailing do for its member clubs? 

As a member of the sailing community, BC Sailing serves you and your club in many ways.   Our aim is to make sailing in every capacity accessible, enjoyable, and safe for our members. We serve our members in a variety of ways from the promotion of our sport to advocating for reasonable safety and regulation, to maintenance of PHRF ratings, training and certification of racing officials, instructors, and training of athletes.  Click on the link below for a full list of the services which our member clubs enjoy.

Member Benefits

Mission and Vision

OUR VISION:  BC Sailing will help to make sailing and boating a life-long activity for all existing and new boaters in BC through excellence in training and competition

OUR MISSION:  Through communication and collaboration with our stakeholders, provide leadership, governance and standards to meet the needs of our member clubs and schools.

BC Sailing Mission and Vision

BC Sailing Strategic Plan

BC Sailing Financial Assistance Program

The purpose of the financial assistance program is to allow sailors to continue to participate in a sailing program at a BC Member club or school. This could include a Learn To Program and/or a race team. Please click on the link below for application information.

BC High School Credits Program

The External Sport Credentials Program (ESCP) gives students the opportunity to earn graduation credits for approved levels of competition as an athlete, coach and/or official. Click below for details on how to earn high school credits for sailing, coaching, and officiating.

BC Sailing High School Credits Program

Additional Info From the Province of BC

How to Earn Credits

High School Credit Application

BC Amateur Sport Fund

BC Sailing’s High-Performance Fund (P0058) project raises funds to help cover performance athletes’ competition expenses not covered by other programs/grants.  The fund allows sailors to increase their options for training opportunities, coach selection as well as selecting the best events for their performance.  The fund helps make the sport of sailing more accessible to participants and helps athletes develop their skills to compete.  To donate, please click HERE.

BC Sailing’s Sport Development Fund (P0068) raises funds to help support the development of the sport and provide youth with access to the sport of sailing as an athlete, coach or official.  To donate, please click HERE.

BC Sailing Privacy Policy

BC Sailing takes the privacy of all of its stakeholders seriously. Please see below for our comprehensive privacy policy.

BC Sailing Privacy Policy

BC Sailing Awards

BC Sailing annually presents a “Sailor of the Year”, a “Volunteer of the Year”, “Outstanding Male and Female Youth Sailor of the Year”, and a “Top Graduating Athlete” award to deserving sailors in British Columbia.  Click below for selection criteria for each award.

BC Sailing Award Criteria


Cascadia Yacht Club

Welcome to the Cascadia Yacht Club.  Cascadia is a full member club of BC Sailing and Sail Canada and with it comes the basic rights associated with affiliated membership.  Specifically the requirements of RRS rules 46 and 75.1 which governs the right to race.  The membership dues are set to only satisfy the fee requirements of the parent organizations and the club otherwise has no financial structure or assets.

It is not the intent of Cascadia Yacht Club to compete with other member clubs of BC Sailing and Sail Canada and, as such, membership is valid for only one year and is not renewable.  There are many benefits to membership in an established sailing club or organization including,facilities, support, boating education, and the camaraderie of fellow sailors.  We encourage you to seek membership in one of these clubs which can be found on our interactive map.

The membership fee for Cascadia Yacht Club is $30 per year, please complete the application and return to BC Sailing.