Cascadia Yacht Club

Cascadia Yacht Club was created to help sailors who are not members of an established yacht club but still want to compete in races. Cascadia Yacht Club is a virtual club that is recognized by BC Sailing and Sail Canada and, as such, is able to provide its members with the basic rights associated with being the member of a yacht club – specifically, the requirements of RRS rules 46 and 75.1 which govern the right to race. The membership dues are set to only satisfy the fee requirements of the parent organizations. The club otherwise has no financial structure or assets.

It is not the intent of Cascadia Yacht Club to compete with other member clubs of BC Sailing and Sail Canada. For that reason, membership is valid for only one year and is not renewable. There are many benefits to membership in an established sailing club or organization including facilities, support, boating education and the camaraderie of fellow sailors. We encourage you to seek membership in one of these clubs, which can be found on our interactive map.

The membership fee for Cascadia Yacht Club is $30 for the year. To join the club, please complete the application form and return to BC Sailing.

Application Form