Become a Volunteer

Information for Individuals Considering a Position on the BC Sailing Board or Member of a Committee

BC Sailing board members are:

  • individuals who believe in the value of sport,
  • supportive of the mandate of BC Sailing,
  • able and willing to make the time commitment to the Society (see below for general information),
  • qualified to assume the role of board member as per Article 7.6 of BC Sailing’s bylaws.

Commitment of Board Members

  • Each Board member is viewed as an advisor and connector for the organization. Board members are expected to:
    • Review required materials in advance of all meetings;
    • Participate in board meetings (six per year, including one in conjunction with the AGM, the remainder by conference call);
    • While not a requirement, best practices suggest that associations who have board involvement/leadership in committee work are governed better. Participating in a committee (standing or ad hoc) as deemed necessary, including attendance at committee meetings (approximately two to four per year):
      • Communication and Marketing
      • Cruising
      • Keelboat Racing
      • Membership
      • Nominations
      • Revenue Generation
    • Attend other association functions as required (one to three per year);
    • Promote and support the mandate and work of BC Sailing; and
    • Make themselves available to the membership and the association, as necessary.

Approximate Time Commitment for a Director and Committee Member


I. Initial New Board Member Orientation

Estimated Time Commitment

4 hours

II. Routine Board Responsibilities

a) Weekly

        • Review and respond to emails
        • Participate in email discussions
        • Read documents sent, responding if necessary
        • Complete tasks at the request of the President

30 minutes

b) Bi-Monthly

        • Board meeting
        • Preparation, follow-up

2 hours

III. Other Board Work:

For example:

a) Chairing a committee

b) Committee participation (at least one committee)



4 hours

1 hour per month


Past President

Board President

Vice President




1 – 2 hours per month

3 – 5 hours per week

1 – 2 hours per month

1 hour per month

2 hours per month