All paid-up yachts with completed applications will be issued a rating certificate which must be carried aboard when racing. The certificate will indicate the rating and how the yacht is equipped.
Any alteration in the yacht or its equipment will invalidate the current certificate. Owners who make changes to their yachts are obligated to report the change and obtain a new rating certificate at the time the changes are made.
Ratings become effective on the date that the rating certificate is issued.

Obtaining a PHRF BC Rating Certificate

A new boat Application Form must be completed for any of these situations:

  1. New boat or newly acquired second-hand boat.
  2. Change of ownership.

Complete the Application Form in full and return it with payment as outlined on the form to BC Sailing at the address stated on the form.

Certificates may take up to 3 weeks to process.

To obtain a sail number for your boat, see ‘Obtaining a Sail Number’ (below).

Changing a PHRF BC Rating Certificate

Current certificate holders are obligated to update their boat’s information immediately upon changing equipment, sails, or their yacht’s specifications (Rule 2.2). Such changes are reported on a Change Form. However, changes to ownership must be submitted on an application form (see above).

The upper part of the Change Form is required (Yacht Name, Sail Number, Make/Model/Class, Year Built) as well as the owner information. For the remainder of the form, enter only the items that have changed.

One change form submitted in a calendar year is free of charge. Each further certificate change in the year will be assessed an amount equal to the annual fee stated on the form.

Complete the Change Form and return it to BC Sailing at the address stated on the form.

It may take up to 3 weeks before you receive the revised certificate.

Renewing a PHRF BC Rating Certificate

Certificates are valid from January 1st through December 31st each year and must be renewed annually.

To renew, simply contact BC Sailing and pay the annual renewal fee, quoting your boat’s name and sail number. Current fees are indicated on the Application Form. It is not necessary to submit an application or change form unless there are changes to your boat’s equipment or other details on the form. Upon payment, a new certificate will be issued.

Obtaining a Sail Number

Sail Canada issues sail numbers directly. Numbers can be obtained via the application form located on the Sail Canada website.