Emily Bugeja Qualifies Olympic spot for Canada in Paris 2024!

Emily Bugeja Qualifies Olympic spot for Canada in Paris 2024!

Following the presentation of the last preliminary races in this class on Thursday, Emily Bugeja from Vancouver, B.C., came up with sixth place. Even if she didn’t qualify for Friday’s final, she allowed Canada to earn a spot in Women’s Kiteboarding at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games by being the top finisher from the North American and Caribbean countries in the competition, except for the USA, who had already secured a spot at the 2023 Sailing World Championships.


At the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games, only the top four athletes following the preliminary races qualify for the medal race in Women’s Kiteboarding.


“I’m just really proud to have earned the spot for Canada, so that we can have the right to compete at Paris next year, and I’m very excited about the hard work that’s to come after getting the spot,” said Emily Bugeja.


“This competition had a lot of really tough conditions, some I’ve never seen or kited in before. I think those are probably the biggest waves that I’ve ever kited in, let alone raced in. But I’m proud of the improvements that I made over the course of the week and I have a long list of things to work on over the coming months.”


Congratulations Emily!